Farnam Comfort Zone with DAP Diffuser

Article number: 698
Quantity: 2

Reduce Whining & Howling, Hiding, Trembling and Excessive Panting
Whining & howling, panting, trembling, hiding, cowering, restlessness, and excessive owner seeking are all reactions to stressful situations.

Comfort Zone with D.A.P. Diffuser dispenses an odorless vapor that mimics a dog''s natural calming pheromones. This vapor signals to your dog that he is safe and secure, reducing your dog’s unwanted behaviors. Comfort Zone Products with D.A.P. are clinically proven* to help reduce stress behaviors resulting from loud noises and new pet adoption.

Reduce signs of stress associated with new puppy or shelter dog adoption or transition from a breeder
Reduce signs of stress from loud noises such as fireworks or thunderstorms
Clinically proven effective and veterinarian recommended; drug free
Contains 1 spray bottle
NOT recommended as a sole treatment for separation anxiety
NOT recommended for dog aggression problems

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