We launched our shop with the intention of building a warm and welcoming environment for our neighborhood, employees, ourselves and our shop’s namesakes, Jameson and Danger. Our relationship with our rescue pups, Jameson and Danger is what inspired our floor plan, assortment and culture. The friendship and care that they showed for each other is what we wanted to celebrate and we created our days so we had the opportunity to our best friends by our side. Throughout the years we have created a strong community within our walls and throughout our neighborhood that fosters deep connections and relationships beyond our initial vision. We approach everyday, our furry customers and the folks we encounter with the intention of building supportive, long lasting relationships and we hope to see you soon.
J & Gracie
Owners of Jameson Loves Danger

About Jameson Loves Danger

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our community with an organized, service-centered pet supply that offers premier products while catering to our customers’ needs through resources and services. We want to be more than a pet service and supply store, we want to be your neighborhood go-to for all things for your animal loved ones.

Vision Statement

Our vision is a community in which our neighbors and their pets have a trusted, customer-centered, local resource for the highest quality pet supplies, food and services.


We strive to provide a customer-centered experience for our valued clientele and their pets. Our neighbors deserve a welcoming, organized environment with helpful, friendly service and perks, such as in-home delivery. Our service model reflects the type of service we’d want and expect from a community pet supply store that values our four-legged family members.


Our pets are our family, and just as we would with any family member, we want to ensure their optimum health and well-being. We rely on a supportive, dedicated group of partner-suppliers to bring you the healthiest, natural pet foods and highest quality supplies.


We live, work and play in Andersonville and are proud to call this neighborhood our home. We value the community and want to be a local resource for area pet owners and lovers alike. Whether it’s a welcoming shopping experience, top-notch services or a place to meet other animal lovers and chat with neighbors, Jameson Loves Danger is excited to be part of the Andersonville family.

Animal Welfare

Jameson Loves Danger was inspired by our love for our pets and their experiences as shelter dogs. We are committed to the well-being and health of the whole pet and aim to be more than just a supply store. We’re dedicated to working and partnering with the larger community to offer additional resources and information, such as advice on proper nutrition and information about local adoption resources and charities.

Our Story

Jameson and Danger’s owners, J and Gracie have been great buddies for years. When Gracie adopted 6 month old Danger, J had already had Jameson for a while, and their friendship expanded to more outdoor activities involving the dogs. The first time Danger met Jameson, they gravitated towards each other and started hanging out all the time at the dog beach, parks, forest preserves or playing indoors. Jameson was always very patient with Danger, allowing the young pup’s crazy antics with a gentle steering to proper behavior. Jameson took on a maternal approach, while Danger, being afraid most people and things besides dogs, found a safety blanket in her bigger friend.

Jameson was happy to do her normal walking, exploring and an occasional bout of play with her new companion. When other dogs would get too aggressive with Danger (as many big dogs loved to chase Danger like she was food) Jameson would hone in and come running to the rescue, breaking up the play by giving the larger dog a hearty barking to; stepping in between Danger and the other dog. Jameson and Danger became inseparable and Jameson always keeps a protective and loving eye out for her crazy little friend.

This is how we developed the name Jameson Loves Danger and they are the reason we want to open our store. We look forward to having them with us everyday and they will be thrilled for more good times together.

Meet the JLD Team

Jameson, The Boss

J, Owner

Jameson, The Boss

Gracie, Owner

Jameson, The Boss

Kevin, Head of Security

Jameson, The Boss

Danger, Head of HR

Jameson, The Boss

Jameson, The Boss